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Languages in Andorra

Every state has its national language. In the same way, Andorra is a small state, but there are some national languages in Andorra spoken widely. The only official language of Andorra is Catalan. About 39% of the population of Andorra speak the Catalan language. Many Spanish immigrants in Andorra also speak the Catalan language.

You should know about the spoken Languages in Andorra so you could not find any difficulty while making conversation with the locals of Andorra and can easily communicate about your problems with the people of Andorra. If you are moving to Andorra or residing there as a tourist, you should consult about the spoken languages in Andorra.

If you check online, on the official Website of Andorra, you will find that there are 4 main spoken languages in Andorra. Catalan is major among official languages in Andorra. Usually, every government official or media reporter in Andorra speaks Catalan. In the languages in Andorra the second most commonly spoken language is Spanish. About 36 % of the population of Andorra speak the Spanish language.

The cause of huge speaking of the Spanish language in Andorra is because of the huge amount of Spanish immigrants residing in Andorra. There are also other spoken languages in Andorra including Portuguese spoken by 15 % of the population and French spoken by 7 % of the population. About 5-6 % of the population of Andorra speak other kinds of languages. You should try to learn one of those languages before your Andorra visit, so u will not face any problem during your Andorra stay.   

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