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General Information about Andorra

If someone suggests you about Andorra for your vacation, but you are unaware of the city you can visit the website of Andorra embassy Islamabad. The Andorra embassy Islamabad will provide you general information about Andorra. Basically, Andorra is a co-principality or a corragency which is situated between the Pyrenees Mountains. To the north and east side of Andorra is France and the south and west of Andorra are bounded by Spain.

The capital of Andorra is Andorra la villa. If you want to know the general information about Andorra geographical region, Andorra is bounded by a large number of beautiful Pyrenees Mountains occupying various mountain valleys in it that enhance the beauty of Andorra. The mountain valleys at some place get united and form the river in Andorra called as Valira River. To know the further information about Andorra if you will visit the Andorra embassy Islamabad, you will be provided by the broachers from which you can read detail information about Andorra. Moreover, you can also easily get the general info about Andorra from the internet. About one-tenth part of the land area of Andorra is occupied by streams.

The commonly found language in Andorra is Catalan, but you will also found people speaking Spanish and French there. About 86 % population of Andorra is Urban, and 15 % population of Andorra is rural. The Major import resource of Andorra is Spain with the import percentage of about 62% and after that France, Germany or China, etc. are those regions that import their goods to Andorra.

If you want to know the general information of Andorra currency, then Andorra embassy Islamabad will give you the detailed information about the use of currency in Andorra, further about the currency exchange setup in Andorra. Usually, Euro is used as currency in Andorra.

Andorra embassy Islamabad provides with the quick facts about Andorra that people really don’t believe such as many people don’t know that basically, Andorra is a small country which is ranked as the 16th small country with the 11th smallest population. Andorra shares a co-principality of Nicolas and Bishop, no one of them is the resident of Andorra.

The general info about Andorra cultivation is that Andorra cultivates a large amount of tobacco. Andorra doesn't have its own currency rather it uses euro as the currency. There are many other facts about Andorra. To know those interesting details and history of Andorra before your visit contacts Andorra Embassy Islamabad.

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