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Government of Andorra

Andorra is bounded by the borders of France and Spain.  Every well-occupied state has a government that runs the setup of the state. In the same way, though Andorra is a small state but runs its whole setup under an Andorra Government. Andorra has a unique government system that runs by the co-principality of Andorra.

The Andorra Government has an interesting history. If you want to know about the Andorra Government history, basically for more than 7 centuries Andorra has been ruled by the president of France and by the Bishop of Urgell of Spain. This is the reason that Andorra Government is termed as the government of co principality because it runs by the leaders of two states. These two people represent as the head of Andorra state, but they don’t have the veto right in the Andorra Government. 

From France side Jacques Chirac and from Spain side Joan Marti represents the Andorra government. The Andorra legislature or Andorra assembly was founded in 1419 with 28 elected members. The citizens aged up to or above 18 years has the right to vote the members of Andorra government.

The Andorra government has a head of state which are elected by the Andorra parliament, and ministers and the President of Andorra appoints him in Andorra government. Though Andorra is represented by co principality but has an independent running government setup. To know more about the Andorra government facts, Andorra government history and information about the current Andorra government 2018 you can visit the official website of Andorra or can search on the internet.

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