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Azerbaijan Currency

The national Azerbaijan currency is called Azerbaijani manat, abbreviated as AZN. The first currency notes of Azerbaijan were issues around 1919 and 1923. However, Azerbaijani manat were first introduced in 2005. 
Azerbaijan currency banknotes are available in 6 dominations of 1, 5, 120, 20 , 50 and 100 AZN. Manat is the official and only currency type used across Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan currency coins are called Qapik and are issued in 6 dominations of 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 50 qapik. Manat and qapik are the only currency used in Azerbaijan, so if one wishes to travel to Azerbaijan he should first exchange his money to Azerbaijani currency from the money exchanger to avoid any difficulty. Money exchangers in Azerbaijan currency is easily accessible at the airports, train stations and banks.
The updated rate in 2018 of exchange of Azerbaijan currency to pkr is; 1 Azerbaijani currency of manat is equal to 72.38 Pakistani rupees. Similarly, 100 pkr are equal to 1.38 AZN. So if any Pakistani traveler wishes to travel to Azerbaijan he should have ample amount of money so that he can easily exchange it from  the money exchanger before he travels. 
The updated rate of exchange of Azerbaijan currency to USD in 2018 is 1 AZN is equal to 0.58 USD.  Conversely, 1 USD is equal to 1.7025 AZN. Thus the foreigners having dollars have to exchange their money if they wish to visit Azerbaijan as ZN is the only Azerbaijan currency used in the country. 
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