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Azerbaijan Weather

Azerbaijan is a continental country, and so Azerbaijan weather is categorized as moderate. As the country comprises enormous variations in its landscape, ranging from mountainous areas in the north, plain lands and the Caspian sea at the south of the country. Thus, Azerbaijan weather can be described as very cold and dry winters at the start of the year to very warm summers experienced in the middle of the year. The average Azerbaijan weather is moderate. However, the country experiences the hottest weathers in the months of June and July with temperatures going as high as 26 degrees Celsius. There are occasional thunderstorms followed by heavy rainfall. February is the month where the country experiences the coldest weather, with temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius. 
Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, is located on the coastline of the country. Thus
Azerbaijan weather in this city through the year remains moderate. Summers can be quite sunny and hot, but in winters, the city experiences heavy winds coming from polar regions. Khazri, another big city of Azerbaijan has cold weather as its located in the northern region. Lankaran is situated in the mountainous region, so it has more frequent rainfalls and humid weather. Gilawar city is located in the south, so hot weather and warm breezes dominate it. 
The amount of precipitation occurrence is quite low in the country and occurs in the regions of Lankaran. Azerbaijan weather is dry in months of May till August, so the pool has to do artificial irrigation to water their farmlands. 
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