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Public Holidays in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan started to include public holidays in its constitution for the first time on 19th May 1921. Nariman Narimanov was the person who took this initiative and introduces Azerbaijan public holidays.

Azerbaijan Public Holidays

Azerbaijan public holidays include its national and religious holidays. Some of the important Azerbaijan holidays and celebrations include New Year’s holiday and women’s day. Also martyr’s day is celebrated in the memory of the Azerbaijan civilians when Soviet Union entered the state in 1990 and executed more than 190 people. This holiday is also observed in the memory of war victims of Nagorno-Karabakh war. Novruz is another Azerbaijan public holiday celebrated as its spring festival day and also marks a Persian new year. Other holidays include victory day, religious holiday’s names as Ramaz Bayrami and Gurban Bayrami. These religious holidays can vary in their date according to the Islamic lunar calendar. Azerbaijan armed forces day, solidarity day and republic day are also Azerbaijan national holidays. Furthermore, Flag Day is one of the important Azerbaijan public holidays as the first Azerbaijani flag was approved in 1918.


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Important Azerbaijan Public Holidays

Important Azerbaijan public holidays in 2019 are Independence Day on October 18. It is a day when they got independent from the Soviet Union. Moreover, the International solidarity day is one of the most important Azerbaijan national holidays, which was inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall. The nationalist party of Azerbaijanis called for the removal of Azerbaijan and Iran border, thus celebrated their solidarity.

Azerbaijan Public Holidays 2019

Azerbaijan keeps the record of its public holidays updated so some of the Azerbaijan public holidays have been included and some are excluded in the decree of Azerbaijan public holidays 2018 issued. Some of the previously working holidays have been listed as non-working holidays by the Azerbaijan cabinet of Ministers. The list of Azerbaijan public holidays was revised on June 14, 2018. Some of the Azerbaijan national holidays have their dates changed according to the requirement of the government officials as stated by the Azerbaijan Cabinet of Ministers. It has also been stated that any national holiday occurring on Sunday will be observed on Monday. Thus the Azerbaijan public holidays for the year 2018 and 2019 have been revised. Any person seeking the full information regarding working and non-working Azerbaijan public holidays can easily access the updated list on any official website of Azerbaijan or ask the Azerbaijan embassy if anyone is not living in the country.

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