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Azerbaijan Food

Azerbaijan is at the borders of both Europe and Asia. Thus, both the continents’ flavors dominate Azerbaijan food. Azerbaijan food also has its unique taste in some delicious dishes that are now gaining popularity among different countries. The tempting Azerbaijan food recipes come from the diverse climate the country experiences, the warm localities of Azerbaijan near Caspian Sea share some mouthwatering sea food.

Azerbaijan’s National Food

Azerbaijan’s national food closely resembles eastern cuisines taste by the way of cooking the food and the flavors added in it. Indigenously, Azerbaijan food is cooked in copper utensils which are still being used.

Popular Foods in Azerbaijan

A wide array of Azerbaijan food includes the popular ‘plov’, which is a saffron-covered rice dish cooked in a mix of vegetables, meat, dry fruits, eggs and fresh herbs. Dolma is one of another top food of Azerbaijan. It is prepared by cooking rice with mint leaves, minced meat, and cinnamon and wrapped in cabbage leaves. Baliq is seafood comprising of sturgeon fish which is grilled and served with the tart sauce. Lavwangi, another top Azerbaijan food, is a chicken or a fish piece which is stuffed with walnuts, onions, herbs and raisins. Other best foods of Azerbaijan include lyulya kebabs, piti, pakhlawa, qutab etc.

Popular Drinks in Azerbaijan

The visitors in Azerbaijan may be curious about what are the popular drinks in Azerbaijan. Well for them Azerbaijan has to offer the delicious sherbet, which is prepared by mixing boiled water with various fruits, berries and sugar. It is served chilled. Furthermore, black tea is a popular digestive drink in Azerbaijan.


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