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Languages in Azerbaijan

As Azerbaijan shares its borders with many countries, so there is an amalgam of variety of languages in Azerbaijan. Its shares its border with Eastern Europe, Asian continent, turkey, Iran, Russia, Georgia, Armenia. Thus many languages in Azerbaijan are popular. 
Out of the numerous languages in Azerbaijan, one of the main official languages of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani, spoken by almost 92% of the people. This national language of Azerbaijan has its origin from the Turkish language family. As the country host different ethnicities, so the languages in Azerbaijan have a variety of dialects. Mainly, Shamakhi, Lankaran and Mugan dialects are spoken by eastern groups, Ayrum dialects by western groups, Zaqatala-Qakh dialects by Northern provinces of country and Ordubad dialects by people of southern province.
Russian language and Armenian languages in Azerbaijan are spoken by the small minority of 1.5% population each. For the mode of education in the country, English and Russian are its standard languages, as these languages in Azerbaijan are easily understood by the vast majority of the people. Also, it becomes easy for foreign tourists to communicate with the locals, as they can understand English very well.
Apart from the main languages in Azerbaijan, there are many more minor languages that prevail in Azerbaijan. Some of these languages are Azar, Juhuri, Georgian, Budukh, Kryts, khinalug, Lezgian, Talysh, Tat, Tsakhur, Udi, Rutul etc.Tthese languages in Azerbaijan are prevalent in its suburbs. In the Nagorno-Karabakh region, Armenian is the popular language spoken. 
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