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As the tourism industry of Azerbaijan is growing enormously, so Azerbaijan online visa service is launched to facilitate its visitors regarding the visa application process. Azerbaijan online visa system was introduced in 2013 after the president of Azerbaijan issued a decree. Traditionally, foreigners had to go to Azerbaijan embassy and fill out the application form. After the important documents submission, the visa process started which used to take 5-6 working days or even more to get the visa stamped on passports. 
However, the Azerbaijan online visa system is a modernized method where the e-visa service days are reduced to just 3-4 working days or even less, depending on the fee charged. Azerbaijan online visa has also introduced another category, which is the e-visa which is the tourist can get on arrival at the Azerbaijan airport. However, this on arrival e-visa service is only applicable to some of the countries’ nationals.  
The application process for e-visa is quiet easy.  The application form requires only the important personal information, such as full name of a person, the valid passport number, and date of birth, port of arrival, date of arrival and date of exit.
The Azerbaijan online visa is issued for a total of ninety days periods, in which a person can travel and stay in the country for thirty days. Moreover, the Azerbaijan online visa is valid for single entry only. You can travel with e-visa through any transport means, whether it be by air, road or sea. 
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