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Government of Azerbaijan

The main principle underlining Azerbaijan government is the ‘separation of power’. Azerbaijan government is elected by the people of the state, thus being categorized by its constitution as the pure democratic state with secular and unitary republic.

Azerbaijan Government

The constitutive and executive powers in Azerbaijan government are to be controlled by the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  The election charter in Azerbaijan government states that any person who has crossed the age of 35 and is a permanent resident of Azerbaijan, living in the country for 10 years or more, and is not guilty of any crime and has passed out with a university degree can take part in presidential elections. The president of Azerbaijan is elected for a period of 5 years as a head of state.

Facts About Azerbaijan Government

The legislative powers in the Azerbaijan government are given to the parliament of the state. In Azerbaijan government, this legislative party is called Milli Majlis. The prime minister is a head of government.  According to the 7th clause of constitution legislative, judicial and executive powers can interact with each other to perform their duties and are independent to work within their limits of powers.

History of Azerbaijan Government

Looking at the Azerbaijan government history, we find that Azerbaijan got its independence from the former Soviet Union, USSR, in 1991. The first president of Azerbaijan was Ayaz Mutalibov. However, the country faced a severe its civilian massacre at the hands of Soviet Union in Nagormo-Karabakh, thereafter her resigned. Presently, Ilham Aliyev is serving as the president of Azerbaijan.


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