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General info about Azerbaijan

People might be interested in general info about Azerbaijan, which is officially called the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is a Muslim country, located at the South Caucasus region and borders with Western Europe and Eastern Asia. It shares borders with Armenia to the west, Georgia to the north-west, Turkey in the north-west, Iran in the south, Russia in the north and Caspian Sea at the east. The country has a total area of 86,000 sq km with population of approximately 9.6 million people.

General info About Azerbaijan

Other general info about Azerbaijan include that its economy is mostly dependent on the export of natural gas. The major cities of Azerbaijan include Ganja, Sumgait, Lankaran, Shamakhi, Agdam. The capital city of Azerbaijan is Baku.


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Information About Azerbaijan

The general info about Azerbaijan also tells about national currency of Azerbaijan, which is Manat. The first Azerbaijani currency was issued in 1919 to 1923. However, the updated manat were introduced on 2005. General info about Azerbaijan regarding its banknotes is that they are 6 in numbers .The coins are called qubiks and are total 6 in number.

General Information About Azerbaijan

If look at general info about Azerbaijan and it’s the history, we find that it is not an ancient country. General info about Azerbaijan tells that Azerbaijan got its independence from the Soviet Union in 1918 and become of the first democratic state in the world. The Muslim Shiites are the majority residents of the country. However, it was re-incorporated into the Soviet Union. After the dissolution of Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991, the country again proclaimed its independence and since then, it is now an independent Republic of Azerbaijan with its own government. General info about Azerbaijan state that it is run by a unitary semi presidential system of government where the executive powers lies in the hands of president. The current president of Azerbaijan is Ilham Aliyev as stated in te general info about Azerbaijan. The country has high literacy and hence employment rate. Its economic growth is party dependent on tourism industry, where it hosts numerous tourist throughout the year.

Other Information about Azerbaijan

General info about Azerbaijan also describes it’s variety of landscapes and thus a climatic conditions in the country are diverse. There are cold sandy deserts to the mountainous areas in the north. Also, the plain areas and coastal areas dominate the country. The country’s average weather is moderate but it experiences spells heavy showers of rains, thunderstorm and also dry weather.


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