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General info about Guatemala

One must have general info about Guatemala before flying to become a bit familiar with the state you intend to visit. General info about Guatemala includes information about Guatemala geography, history, culture, and weather conditions. We are going to give you a brief but comprehensive general info about Guatemala which surely will let you know about the region you are visiting. 


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Information About Guatemala

  • General info about Guatemala location. It has a total area of 108,890 square kilometers, out of this only 460 square kilometers is water, and the rest is the land area.
  • Talking about general info about the Guatemala population, it is one of the diverse states in term of population. There are around 21 ethnic groups living here. The total population according to the latest statistics is 12,728,000. The population growth rate comes out to be 2.2 percent.
  • General info about Guatemala weather conditions is that the low lands are hot while high lands or mountain regions are colder. The weather condition probably doesn’t hinder your tourism activities. However, during the rainy season, you must take protective measures.
  • General info about Guatemala languages is that being diverse in ethnicity it is also diverse in languages. There are around 23 languages Used in Guatemala with Spanish as national and official language.
  • General info about Guatemala main industries taking part in imports and are take the major part in economic growth. These industries include textile, furniture, sugar, chemicals, rubber, petroleum, and metal.

Facts About Guatemala

Tourism also plays a main role in the economic development of Guatemala. Facts about Guatemala shows that it is one of the states with biodiversity. It is ranked at fifth number among the world’s biodiverse regions. This biodiversity is because of diverse flora and fauna comprising around hundreds if species for each. There is diverse wildlife to explore. General info about Guatemala tourism is that it offers a wide range of tourist spots. One can enjoy the beauty of nature in natural forests and parks. There are various mountains and volcanic sites to explore. The state offers stunning beaches and landscapes to mesmerize one into the calmness of surrounding beauty. The state also offers best swimming spots where one can indulge and forget everything and just enjoy the cool waters. This general info about Guatemala will go to help you in a way that when you land you know about the state. You’ll not feel like landing in an unfamiliar place.


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