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Guatemala Food

Guatemala food is based on Maya cuisine with the beans, chilies, and corns as the main ingredients. If you are on a visit to Guatemala, then you must try some of Guatemala's traditional food. Here is a list of top foods of Guatemala which you must try.

Best Foods of Guatemala

Chicken Pepian: it has taken the place of national Guatemala food. It is a stew which is a mixture of Maya and Spanish culture and is made of chicken commonly. However, beef or pork can also be used along with a variety of vegetables and spices. It is usually served with tortillas and rice.
Pupusas: a budget Guatemala food usually attracts every tourist by its great taste. Pupusas are stuffed tortillas found everywhere in Guatemala. The stuffing can be of pork, cheese or beans.
Kak’ik: this is the traditional Guatemala food with roots back to the Qeqchi ethnic group. It is the traditional Mayan Turkey soup with coriander, chilies, and achiote.
Empanadas: these are the crisp pastries usually stuffed with different vegetables further topped with guacamole, cilantro, onion, and tomatoes.
Hilachas: it is also the Guatemala food which is a must try. It is made of easily shreddable meat cooked in mild spicy tomato sauce, potatoes or carrots. It is also served with corn tortillas or rice.
Rellenitos: for the people loving deserts this Guatemala food is for such people. These are Guatemalan donuts which are made of fried beans, sugar and cinnamon. They taste like chocolate flavor.


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