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Languages in Guatemala

Languages in Guatemala must be known before traveling to avoid any language barrier issue during your trip. Guatemala is a diverse state with many ethnic groups. Because of so many ethnic groups languages in Guatemala are also diverse. However, there is one national language in Guatemala, and that is the Spanish language. Spanish is also the official Guatemala language.

Guatemala Official Languages

Apart from the Spanish language, there are 21 Mayan languages in Guatemala, one indigenous language and one Arawakan language spoken in the state. Around 93 percent of people in Guatemala speaks Spanish language and being the official language the medium of instruction in every department is also in the Spanish language.

The 21 Mayan languages in Guatemala are:

  • Kiche or Quiche spoken by 11.31% people.
  • Q’eqchi’ is used by 7.58% population.
  • Kaqchikel.
  • Mam.
  • Poqomchi’.
  • Tz’utujil.
  • Achi.
  • Q’anjob’al.
  • Ixil.
  • Akatek.
  • Jakaltek.
  • Chuj.
  • Poqomam.
  • Ch’orti’
  • Awakatek.
  • Sakapultek.
  • Sipakapense.
  • Uspanteko.
  • Tektitek.
  • Mopan.
  • Itza’

The indigenous language used in Guatemala is known as Xinca. The Arawakan language spoken in Guatemala is known as Garifuna. These languages are now towards the declining trend, and very few people in certain regions speak these languages. So, given the mentioned languages, it is clear that Spanish is widely spoken among all the languages in Guatemala. But don’t worry if you do not know Spanish, for tourists the English language is also fine as many people understand and can speak English too. Every tourist around the globe knows the English language, so they don't have any language barrier issue in their trip to Guatemala.


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