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Car Hire in Guatemala

To explore Guatemala while on a visit you need transport, while you can also walk but for some areas transport is a must. You can travel around via bus, taxi, bike or rail but another most convenient way is car hire in Guatemala. If you know driving and have a license to drive at your hometown you can go for car hire in Guatemala. The prior most important thing is to get know how about Guatemala driving rules and regulations before a car hire in Guatemala. Once you know all the driving rules of Guatemala, you can go for car hire in Guatemala.

Private Transport in Guatemal

Car hire in Guatemala also has many benefits if compared to private transport in Guatemala. You are not bound to follow the specific timings if you have your car as the private transport in Guatemala. You can go out at any hour right from your staying point. You don’t have to wait for a bus or taxi at the stand to come and pick you. You can take as much luggage with you as you want if you have your car. So, car hire in Guatemala is the most feasible way to explore the state.


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Cheap Car Rental In Guatemala

There are some things to consider when you go for car hire in Guatemala. First of all, you must search for a cheap car rental in Guatemala. You can search either online, ask the locals or your hotel reception. After finding the car rental go for the car most suitable and economical in mileage. Do not go for latest car models as they are expensive to be rented. Some car rentals offer the cars for limited mileage and then charge extra for miles above the limit. So, you must go for the car with unlimited mileage. Following is the list of top car rentals in Guatemala for your reference.

  • Hertz Guatemala Rent a Car.
  • Avis Guatemala.
  • Best Price-Rent A Car.
  • Cars Rent Zona 9 Guatemala.
  • Guatemala Rental Cars.
  • Thrifty Car Rental Guatemala.
  • Alamo Rent a Car Antigua.
  • Payless Car rental.
  • Budget Zona.
  • National Car Rental.

All these car rentals offer the best car hire in Guatemala. They are reliable and have the best-maintained cars. You can also ask them to drop the car at your location or even at the airport. So, you can drive as soon as you land and enjoy your trip.


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