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Guatemala Currency

You might think that being an American state Guatemala currency is Dollar but not Guatemala currency is named as Quetzal. Guatemala currency is named on the name of national bird resplendent quetzal. Guatemala is one of the cheapest and affordable American state to visit.

Guatemala Currency Banknote

The quetzal is first used in 1952 during the term of Jose Maria Orellana. One quetzal is divided into 100 centavos. The coins for Guatemala currency currently in circulation around the states are

  • 1 centavo,
  • 5 centavos,
  • 10 centavos,
  • 25 centavos,
  • 50 centavos,
  • 1 quetzal.

The bank notes for Guatemala currency in circulation are

  • 0.5 quetzal
  • 50 centavos,
  • 1 Quetzal,
  • 5 quetzals,
  • 10 Quetzal,
  • 20 quetzals,
  • 50 quetzals,
  • 100 quetzals,
  • 200 quetzals.

Guatemala Currency to PKR & USD

Guatemala currency exchange rates can be changed daily so you must look for the exchange rate on the day you want to exchange. Currently, the exchange rate for Guatemala currency to USD is 1 USD equals to 7.74 Guatemala Quetzal. The exchange rate for Guatemala currency to PKR is 1 Guatemala quetzal is equal to 17.27 PKR. It is better to take some Guatemala currency with your exchanged from your homeland. Although exchanging can also be done in Guatemala after landing at the airport or in the city. The exchange is no problem in big cities but can be difficult if you visit rural or remote areas. However, if you are carrying USD currency with you, then it is also acceptable in major cities and can be exchanged easily for Guatemala currency.


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