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Things to do in Guatemala

Guatemala is a city in central America which offers a variety of tourist destinations. Every year thousands of tourists visit here to explore the historical, cultural, and natural beauty of the state. You must know all the things to do in Guatemala before traveling to Guatemala. Searching and gathering information about the things to do in Guatemala will let you plan your trip accordingly in a way not to miss any must things to do in Guatemala. For your easiness we are enlisting some must things to do in Guatemala so you can take help and not waste your time by browsing different websites.


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Guatemala Tourist’s Attractions

Visit to Tikal: one of the must things to do in Guatemala is a visit to Tikal where you can find steep, towering temples which have a height of about 44 meters. These all are in a jungle setting, and you can roam around finding monkeys, foxes, and turtles. So, the person who wants to experience nature and historical sites Tikal offers the best place for them.
Antigua: In your list of must things to do in Guatemala add a visit to Antigua. Antigua has a colonial building with cobbled streets mesmerizing every visitor as soon as he or she enters the Antigua. The city is also listed in the world’s heritage list which also makes it a must place to pay the visit.
Lake Atitlan: it is one of the beautiful lakes in the world, and every tourist must visit here to see why it is among the most beautiful lakes. Surrounding this beautiful lake are the volcanoes, Mayan farms, and villages. Panajachel is a base offering boat ride across the lake. You can also explore hiking trails leading to the pine forests and volcanoes.
Semuc Champey: one of the things to do in Guatemala for swimming lovers is to swim in the stunning pools of Semuc Champey. It is known for its turquoise colored water and a 300-m limestone bridge. Above the bridge, you’ll find a series of stepped pools. Granite cliffs and forests surround the turquoise coloured pools. It is a place where one gets indulged in natures calmness.
Mercado Central: if you want to shop for traditional Guatemalan handicrafts then visit Mercado central is the place. It offers verities of Guatemalan handicrafts at reasonable prices. You can get textiles, carved metals and wood, leather goods, pottery, and basketry. It must be in your list of things to do in Guatemala.
Livingstone: it offers stunning beaches where you can go for paddle boats or just relaxing on the beach. You can also explore Garifuna people their culture and traditions which will give you an amazing experience.
These places in Guatemala must be included in your list of things to do in Guatemala because if you miss any of these Guatemala tourist’s attractions your trip will be incomplete. Apart from these unforgettable things to do in Guatemala, there are a lot other Guatemala beautiful places which you can explore during your second visit.


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