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Government of Guatemala

Guatemala government is based on the democratic republic which has three branch system including executive, legislative, and judicial branch. These three branches of Guatemala government govern the 22 departments of the state. The president is the head of the government and head of the state. Government exercises the executive power; legislative power is exercised by the Congress of the republic and the Guatemala government. Judicial branch operates independently of the legislative and executive branches.

Guatemala Government Facts

Executive branch comprises of the president and the vice president. According to the latest elections of Guatemala government, Jimmy Morales is the president of Guatemala since 14 January 2016. Both are appointed for a term of four years by the people of Guatemala. The legislative branch of Guatemala government consists of Congress of the republic.It has a total of 158 members who are also elected for a term of four years. The judicial branch includes a constitutional court which comprises five judges each appointed by a separate department, and each one serves as the president of the court for one year. These five judges are appointed for the term of five years. The judges are elected by the president, superior council, Congress, the supreme court of justice, and bar association. The highest court of Guatemala government is the supreme court of justice. It consists of 13 members who also serves for five years along with the five judges. These members also elect the president of the court. Below supreme court is the Appeal court comprises of 43 members. This whole makes the Guatemala government.


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