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Guatemala Weather

Gathering information about Guatemala weather is important because you have to plan your whole trip according to the weather conditions. You have to pack your clothes according to Guatemala weather conditions. Guatemala weather is the most favourable for tourism as it is neither too hot nor too cold. Guatemala weather is tropical which means it is hot all the year round. However, the Guatemala weather is a bit colder mountainous regions of the state.

Weather Forecast In Guatemala

The weather in Guatemala is broadly divided in to two seasons that is dray season and wet season. The dry season is from November to April with temperature averaging around 18 degrees centigrade. It is the most suitable weather ion Guatemala for tourism. If you are planning your trip to Guatemala try to arrange it from November to April so you can enjoy to the fullest in great weather conditions. The rainy season is from May till October. In the central regions of Guatemala, the rainy season prevails from May to September. In such areas it usually rains in the morning leaving the skies clear in noon’s and evening. It also becomes a favourable time for the tourists as they can explore the region in noon and evenings. The tourists mostly visit Guatemala from December to may when the Guatemala weather is favourable and pleasant for tourism. Also in such months’ tourists can enjoy traditional festivals. You must take along light clothing with jackets if you want to visit mountainous areas.


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