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Guatemala Custom Rules

Every traveller must have information about Guatemala custom rules. Such Guatemala custom rules have been set up by Guatemala government in collaboration with Guatemala customs and revenue department.

Guatemala Customs and Revenue Department

According to Guatemala custom rules some items are restricted for import or export, some are prohibited while many others are allowed to carry in and out of the state. You must go through the list of such items and have a thorough knowledge about Guatemala custom rules. If you fail to follow Guatemala custom rules, you can indulge yourself in a huge problem, and you may have to pay heavy fine or penalty. Sometimes this penalty can end up in prison. So, to stay on the safe side, you must know Guatemala custom rules before traveling irrespective of your purpose of travel.

Custom Rules Guatemala

According to Guatemala custom rules, a person is allowed to carry 80 cigarettes, one and a half liter of alcohol without paying any customs duty. Some items which are restricted include weapons, arms, explosives, narcotics, and animals. However, if you have a license or permit to carry such items you can do it by paying a customs duty. You must also take care in carrying currency as according to Guatemala custom rules you cannot carry any currency beyond a limit set by Guatemala customs and revenue department. Every visitor must not carry anything which is included in the restricted or prohibited items list. If necessary, then one must go through the proper channel according to the Guatemala custom rules department.


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