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Austria Food

A typical Austria food is one of the most varied food in Europe. Austrian’s typical day starts with light breakfast of milk and coffee with bread, butter, and jam, then before lunch sausage with mustard on the hard bread roll is a famous typical Austrian’s midmorning snack. For lunch, they usually had the main course of chicken, beef, pork or fish with fresh vegetables, noodles or potatoes.
Austria’s traditional food carry its old culture, custom, and traditions. Austrian food is relished, and the meal is celebrated in Austria, Austria food is part of Austria values. Austria food recipes are ideal for cosy winter evenings, these all favourite recipes are easy and quick to make. Austrian Goulash, Austrian Potato Salad, and Austrian Poppy Seed Rolls are old family food recipes, these best foods of Austria old family recipes make you feel like a warm mother’s hug.
If you like warm, delicious and sweet dishes, then you will love Austria desserts. Austria has a long traditional history of making the finest desserts in the world. Grandma’s Secret Wiener Schnitzel, Austrian Chocolate Balls, Black Forest Gateau, Apple Strudel, potato plum Dumplings, and Traditional Apricot Dumplings are some of the mouth-watering desserts of classic Austrian recipes.
The National Drink of Austrian, Almdudler is a soft drink based on mountain herbs mix with white wine or water. Besides drinking coffee or water, wines, beer, schnapps, and non-alcoholic drink are Austria common drinks, and Red Bull is a popular energy drink. Austria traditional foods and drinks play the great part in Austrian Cuisine and Culture.
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