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Austria Weather

The best thing to know about Austria before booking your travel is to have a knowledge of Austria weather. Austria is located in the heart of Europe, within a temperate climatic zone. In the west and northwest part of the country, the climate influenced by the Atlantic climate and in the east part of the country the climate influenced by the continental climate.
Austria weather guide shows you the best time to visit and required clothing in Austria trip. Austria summers are usually hot, in the summer months, Austria becomes the incredibly beautiful place. Austria summer average temperature range between 20 Degree Celsius and 35 Degree Celsius, during winter average temperature range between 1 Degree Celsius and 4 Degree Celsius. Summer weather in Austria is warm with occasional showers and cool nights.
Austria winters are often sunny but cold with regular rain and snow, especially in the mountains. Austria best winter destination for vacation is one of Europe’s most beautiful capital city Vienna, where Christmas celebrations are taken seriously.
Austria weather map or Weather forecast in Austria would inform you all about Austria weather, so you can plan your unforgettable family vacations in Austria by having this knowledge about Austria weather. Austria weather now with the average temperature is between 14 Degree Celsius and 22 Degree Celsius, but the average temperature in October is only 10 Degree Celsius still 5 Degree Celsius warmer than November. There are only four hours of sunshine on an average October day throughout the month.
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