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Languages in Austria

Austria is one of the three big German-speaking countries. National language in Austria is German. Austrian German is the official language of Austria spoken by 98% of the population as mother tongue. The Austrian German is quite different than German spoken in Germany, but an Austrian can easily understand standard German. There are also several regional languages in Austria, including Burgenland Croatian, Slovene, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, and Romani. English, French, and Italian are the main foreign languages in Austria.
The north-eastern parts of Austria including the capital Vienna speak Central Austro-Bavarian and the southern parts Southern Austro-Bavarian. Austro-Bavarian is also a lot different language from Standard German. German is also spoken in Vienna besides the other languages in Austria, Vienna. Beside the other languages in Austria, many people do in fact speak English in the major tourist area in the district of Vienna. You will be fine with English if you are planning a trip to Austria, but older people still will not be able to speak and understand you in English. Most importantly besides other languages in Austria English is the main working language for professionals and temporarily or permanently jobs seeking employees.
Alemannic Austro-Bavarian is the major significant unofficial language in Austria. This Austrian language is belonging to Upper German group and spoken in the southeast of the German language area in Austria. Although a number of minority languages in Austria are also spoken by the various minority group, Turkish and Serbian are one of them.
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