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Government of Austria

If you are planning a vacation in Austria and want to know about Austria Government and political issues, then you are in the right place to look. You will find all the details and interesting facts about Austria government history in here.
Austria is a federal republic state with a parliamentary democracy and a President as head of state. Austria government constitution formed in 1920, founded on 6 main principles: democratic principle, republican principle, and federal principle, the rule of law, separation of powers and liberal principle.
The Austrian Parliament is the very heart of the democratic system. The Austrian Parliament Building is in the Capital city Vienna, where two houses of the Austrian Parliament conduct their session. The Austrian Parliament Building foundation stone was laid in 1874, and the building was completed in1883.
In Austria government history after the 1867 war, Austrian Empire was separated into two parts, Austro-Hungarian Empire on the one side and Hungary Empire on the other side. But both still ruled by the same Emperor. In October 1918 Austro-Hungarian Empire declared their independence. On 11 November 1918 the Emperor resigned, and on 12 November the Republic of Austria was declared.
Austria government 2018; a new coalition government was sworn in on Monday 18 December 2017, President Alexander Van der Belen as Federal Chief of State and Sebastian Kurz as the Federal Chancellor Republic of Austria. The Austrian government is shutting down seven mosques and as many as 60 Turkish imams, and their families face expulsion from Austria.
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