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Austria Custom Rules

Austria is the member of the European Union, so most of the Austria Custom Rules and Regulations are same as of other countries in European Union. If you are travelling to Austria from some European Country, chances are there that you won’t be stopped for the customs check. But even then, being a Pakistani, you must have clear knowledge about Austria Custom Rules so that there won’t be any unnecessary trouble and delay at the Airport.
The general Austria Custom rules for travelers from Pakistan and other countries which are not the resident of Europe are mentioned below. You must have a look at these Austria Custom Rules before leaving for Austria.
Exemption Limit for Personal Belongings from Customs Duty:
• You can carry 800 cigarettes.
• 400 Cigarillos are exempted from Customs Duty in Austria
• If you smoke Cigar, then you can carry 200 cigars with you.
• 20 Liters of Alcoholic Drinks are allowed provided concentration level is 22%.
• For wine lovers, 90 liters or wine is allowed at maximum.
• Moreover, 110 liters of Beer is exempted from duty as per Austria Custom Rules.
• All the electronic gadgets for personal use are allowed without paying any customs duty, but you will have to mention in the customs declaration. But yes, if you are carrying a brand new photographic equipment like Camera, you may have to inquire about its custom duty.
• You cannot carry more than EUR 1000 in cash or any other currency equivalent in value. This limit also includes the liquid assets like bonds and cheques.
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