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Things to do in Austria

In the middle of Europe, surrounded by the Bavarian Alps, Austria always has been the tourist attractions. Austria is full of endless natural beauty, Alps the highest and most extensive mountains. If you are an enthusiastic sports person in search of new adventure, Austria is the perfect holiday destination for you. There are lots of things to do in Austria in winter for you, like skiing and snowboarding on the Austrian slope Alps. In this Alpine country, Austria all throughout you will find the most famous natural landmarks and amazing historical sites.
Austria’s capital city Vienna is in the country’s east on the Danube River. This largest city of Austria, Vienna is known for its sound of music, Opera, cultural events, imperial sights, cosy wine taverns, and coffee houses. There are lots of unusual and attractive things to do in Vienna, Austria. Museumsquartier, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Belvedere Palace Museum, Hofburg Palace, Schonbrunn Palace, The Spanish Riding School, The Vienna State Opera House, and St. Stephens Cathedral are top rated tourist attractions and things to do in Austria.
 Austrian town Zell Am See is an important tourist attraction because of its natural scenery and wilderness adventures. Top things to do in Zell Am See, Austria are Schmittenhohe, Maiskogel Hiking Adventure, Boat trips, and Krimmler Waterfalls, the fifth highest waterfalls in the world are the perfect destination for the whole family adventure. 
The “Salzkammergut” Lake Region is a spectacular region of alpine and subalpine lakes resort area, with a total of 76 lakes, is one of the most impressive regions located in the heart of Austria. This magical part of Austria full of impressive colours and the beautiful smell of the scented flowers. Austria’s most beautiful and historic village Hallstatt joined the UNESCO “World Cultural and Natural Heritage” sites in December 1997. One of the most famous things to do in Austria is to visit Hallstatt and spend a day in this beautiful village. Hallstatt’s tourist attraction is Hallstatter See, Hallstatt’s Old Town and Market Square, Hallstatt Salt Mine, Kalvarienberg Church, and Dachstein Ice Cave. Salzkammergut Tour is the best bike trip which will take you to 13 most famous lakes of Austria’s lake region.
Kaisertal is another most beautiful place in Austria, which path leads you into the famous striking mountain valley between the mountain chains of the Zahmer and Wilder Kaiser. Austrians voted the Kaisertal to be the most beautiful spot in the country. The most famous and best thing to do in Austria is Hiking in the Kaisertal valley. Kaisertal valley is the loveliest place in Austria. Only by foot you can explore and enjoy the untouched beauty of nature in this part of Austria.
There are lots of things made in Austria. The most famous things you can only buy in Austria, Svarowski Crystal Image Courtesy of Glen Scarborough, Viennese Porcelein, Artisanal Chocolate, Lobmeyr Glass and Austria Dirndl Dress.
Austria origin is a German word “Astro”, meaning ‘east.’ Austria most famous cities of the world are full of exotic places, historical sites, natural landmarks, and wildness adventures. Most of all Austria is the perfect dream vacation destination for tourist.
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